Generate web service stubs from WSDL

In most web services projects, you wrap existing software in a web service and publish a WSDL to define the services available. But, consider going the other direction — you’ve got an existing web service definition, and you want to build sofware to perform to that specification. Here are some ways to get started pdq.

WSDL to .Net

I saw this tip first in a posting in a Joel on Software forum. One of the built-in tools in .Net is WSDL.EXE (look in the SDK folder in your Visual install). Normally, this tool is used to generate web reference mapping code so that you can use a web service in your application, but it’s equally happy to create “stub” code for you given an existing WSDL.

  • Syntax looks something like this: C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio .NET 2003SDKv1.1Bingenerated>
    l /server /language:vb {your WSDL URL here}

  • type WSDL.EXE with no params to get help
  • the language param can be used to generate code in C#, VB, or VJ#
    (language = CS, VB, JS, VJS)

WSDL to Java

Although I haven’t played with this (yet), I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the Apache Axis Project, which does much the same type of thing for Java. See for a short write-up on getting started.

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