David Lambert

This is the obligatory "who is this guy and what makes him tick" page.  I'm lucky enough to have had a really broad background in software development, but all the really good bits are about connecting business and technology.  I'm comfortable with work in both areas, which makes me somewhat unique in this field, I believe.

Technically, I've run the gamut of Microsoft technologies, with most of my recent experience in the .Net stack.  I was introduced to Agile practices before they were fashionable, though I've seen variations done well and less-well a number of times since.  I got a chance to build commercial software and to grow a software team early in my career, and these remain the most exciting parts of being in software for me.

My introduction to CRM was also another big learning opportunity for me -- seeing business transformation up-close at the C-level exec point of view really reinforced why we're building software.  It was really rewarding to work with business leaders who wanted to use those CRM rollouts as opportunities to evolve their businesses.  This lesson sticks with me every day -- our software is nothing if it's not a benefit to the business.

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  1. I got to experience genesis, growth, extension, maintenance, support, and troubleshooting on a platform that people were paying real money to use.That is wonderful experience to share.

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