Boy, did AT&T tick off the wrong person!

Today, Guy Kawasaki sounded off on his experience with AT&T customer service ("My iPhone Review"). It was the perfect zinger, coming in from left field when the entire media universe is just hours away from the iPhone love-fest crescendo.

A million other people have had this same conversation. Maybe not with AT&T. Maybe not in a chat window. Maybe they've been shafted by Windows Live OneCare. Maybe they bought a heat sink that squealed to an early death.

Everyone's been there. But not everyone has Guy Kawasaki's readership. You know this one is going to leave a mark. On behalf of everyone who's received lousy customer service, thank you.

This is an example of the sort of open information flow that has only been possible in the last few years. This is why you saw a mirror on Time's Person of the Year issue. Aside from the glee I take in seeing a faceless corporate automaton called out, I really marvel at Web 2.0's potential to radiate information into the common consciousness. I saw this particular story because I've subscribed to Guy's RSS feed, but this is a great post, and it's going to revererate across the blogosphere in a very short period of time.

Just in time for millions of i-groupies to storm Apple stores across the country, they have a little glimpse into their future. Hopefully, some of them will be a little wiser for it.