What do Scoble and Yahoo’s President have in common?

They both like Yahoo! stock right now. CNNMoney just reported that Susan Decker bought Yahoo! stock (YHOO) to the tune of about $1m. They note that this buy was "just the fourth by any Yahoo insider in more than four years; and, the largest by any Yahoo insider in more than four years."

Scoble? Well, he's not voting with his dollars like Decker, but he's noticed a change there that could be a sign of better times.

Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if something good happens there. Yahoo's been the subject of a lot of interesting speculation over the last few months. From takeover target to the next great thing in advertising, they're getting a lot of attention. Add to that the fact that they've had their stock beaten down to the point where any good news is going to lift them.

I'm no expert in insider trading law, but I think that if Decker is buying a bunch of stock right now, we can rule out a short-term takeover, so that leaves earning money the old-fashioned way, and that's ok with me. No matter what you think about Yahoo!, they still have a huge audience with an awful lot of page views. It's quite a launching pad for an underdog with a mission.