Rendezvous with Rama bot built

Ok, did anyone else ever read Arthur C. Clarke's sci-fi novel, Rendezvous with Rama?  The connection here is a little thin, but I had a distinctive flashback when I saw it.  In Clarke's story, astronauts land on a visiting spaceship, initially thought to be dead, but which later turned out to be the home of all sorts of robots. 

Everything on Rama reflects a theme of "three", including one type of robot that Clarke describes in great detail.  This spider-robot is said to look like a three-legged daddy longlegs, and the way it moved sounded pretty far-fetched, at least until I saw this robot from Virginia Tech.  I'm sure this won't turn out to be the most practical form of locomotion, but it's a wonderful example of thinking outside the box.  (read more about it on Engadget)

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  1. Really cool, but thats notReally cool, but thats not how the thing in Rendezvous with Rama moved (it wasn’t even a robot). The tripod spider thing moved by kinda spinning around on an angle to use its three legs like a large wheel

    really cool though

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