What’s in your Start… Run dialog?

iisresetI use the Start ... Run dialog to quickly launch programs, rather than browsing through the hierarchy of shortcuts under Start.  If you've ever used the Run dialog, you'll know that is saves your last-used command, so it's there the next time you need it.

You know what's in mine???


You know why??

I'm debugging a web application in VS 2005.  It's an n-tier app, so I've got a solution with two projects -- a Presentation-tier web site, and a Business-tier web service.  Apparently, this is enough to throw IIS and/or Visual Studio into complete disarray, because I seem to spend more time resetting both of these than I spend on debugging.

I've tried running both of these projects using VS' built-in development web server, I've tried running both in IIS, and I've tried one in each.  I either lock up IIS or I'm not able to debug ("no symbols loaded" on my breakpoints).  I've googled this, and I've tried all of the stupid tricks in all of the articles I've read.  Some seem to help for a few minutes, and then I'm right back where I start.  I'm so sick and tired of chasing this -- words fail me.

I love the Visual Studio environment to no end, but at moments like this, I really wish I were deploying on Apache.

Does anyone have  a silver bullet for this (and spare the "switch platforms" bit -- it's not an option in this case)?

4 Replies to “What’s in your Start… Run dialog?”

  1. you can use LAUNCHY instead,you can use LAUNCHY instead, nice and only pressing alt+space.

  2. You’re absolutely right, andYou’re absolutely right, and in fact, I use Launchy at home. At work, though, they’re a little funny about installing all sorts of “unapproved” tools. Besides, my big gripe is really about the time it takes to do this reset over and over.

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