Now running on WordPress

If you're a regular visitor, you probably notice a few changes here – I just converted from Drupal to WordPress. There wasn't a single big reason to convert, but rather a bunch of little reasons, like these:

  • I was looking at a Drupal upgrade to stay current, so I was at a point where I had to get off my duff and do something, anyway.
  • I really liked the clean look of WordPress blogs when I visited them, and I never quite found that in a Drupal theme. Maybe I wasn't looking hard enough, though…
  • When I moved from PostNuke to Drupal, one of the big reasons was for increased community activity, standards support, and ease-of-use, and it's the same story again here. WordPress has really taken off as a community and a platform, and I see tools and services generally supporting WordPress before Drupal, and frequently with higher quality.

I still really like Drupal, and I think in situations where maximum flexibility and extensibility are needed, Drupal still has more headroom. But I'm just a blogger, you know, and this suits me just fine, thank you.

You'll also notice that I've changed my URL. I've decided to go to a .com extension in hopes of boosting google juice, among other things. All your bookmarks and google searches should get directed here automatically, thanks to some work in .htaccess (I'll post on that later). Same goes for RSS, but if you've added my feed to your reader, please take a second to fix up the address and avoid the redirect – the new RSS address is

Thanks, and feel free to comment on the new design.

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