Great post on Generics

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If you're not comfortable using C# Generics in your code, be sure to check out this great article by Karl Seguin.  It's an easy read, and it covers all the important ideas you'll need to get your head wrapped around these things.

I've mentioned Generics a couple times on this blog - they've been a great resource to me.  I'll admit - it took a little while for me to get comfortable with some of these ideas - especially multiple Generics, but since I've gained an appreciation for their capabilities, I find myself grabbing this tool early and often.

For me, the key to understanding Generics was to use them - as intensively as possible.  I used them in code I was writing from scratch, and then, when I started working with Rocky Lhotka's CSLA Framework, I needed to work with them more.  His framework, in fact, makes very heavy use of Generics - to the extent that I could see someone being put off by the learning curve if they weren't already comfortable with Generics.

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