My development fabric is unraveled

I'm a few days into working with the Azure July CTP, using Steve Marx's excellent PDC presentation as a bit of a primer.  I'm following along with Steve's presentation, and it was working just fine for a while.  I had a working Azure app, using an MVC front-end, and I was reading and writing images as blobs from the local development-version storage pools.

Then, the next thing I knew, I was busted:

Role instances did not start within the time allowed.
Role instances did not start within the time allowed.

I shut down the Development Fabric, as instructed, and even restarted my machine, to no avail whatsoever.  I started Googling this error, and found a handful of other people who've seen this error, too.  I even found a bug logged on Microsoft's Connect site, but no solution has presented itself.  There's an event (3006: Parser error) logged every time I try to start the app, but that's the sum total of the clues I've got to go on with this one.

So far, I've tried tearing out all the stuff I've added to the project since it was last working (which didn't help at all), I've tried blowing away and recreating the storage pools (no joy), and I've tried creating a brand-new Azure project (which worked).  Thus, I'm forced to conclude that something caused this particular project to be irreparably hosed, but I've still got no idea what caused the problem.

This could really slow me down...

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