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Rocky Lhotka recently announced another CSLA upgrade.  One of the features in this release is support for data annotations that work in both WinForms and SilverLight.  Yesterday, Rocky blogged about this implementation (Leveraging data annotation attributes in CSLA .NET).

While this feature is pretty cool all by itself, it's easy to miss the real win here.  Looking back at the features that Rocky's added to CSLA over the last few years, there's a constant stream of technology-enabling features.  If you've built to this framework (and stayed reasonably current with new releases), you've gotten a free pass to take advantage of everything from remoting to WCF to data binding to SilverLight.

Here's a news flash for you -- that's exactly why you get on board with a framework.  You don't get this with design patterns, and you don't get this with software factories.  Frankly, you don't get this with a lot of other frameworks, either.

Well done, Rocky, and thanks.

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