It's CodeMash time again, and once again, I'm taking notes on my Adesso tablet, and uploading them with Evernote to a CodeMash public folder.  You can see all of my scribblings there as I sync and once again, I'll have some posts to follow based on what I'm seeing here.  There have already been some really fantastic sessions.
Update:  If you look at these notes, you'll immediately see two of the most troublesome issues (for me, at least) with the Adesso pad.  First, this pad uses a regular 8x11 pad of paper that's clipped onto the Adesso pad.  This part is actually pretty great, because I don't need special paper to record notes.  In fact, I almost ran out of paper during the conference.  With other pads, I might have been done at that point, but with the Adesso, I could (in a pinch), just flip the paper over and write on the back, or grab a flyer or whatever other standard paper might be laying around.

So what's the problem?  The pad can slip.  If there's any play in the pad on the Adesso tablet, the writing becomes pretty illegible - especially on the bottom of pages.  This is pretty apparent in a few spots in these notes.

The other big problem is that it's really easy to record right over the top of a page that's already got notes on it.  I've now gotten into the habit of advancing the "electronic" page when I flip the paper page - this bit me regularly for a while after I bought the tablet.  Last week, though, I fell victim to another variation on this theme -- the "page forward" and "page back" buttons are located on the left edge of the tablet, and being a lefty, I bumped them accidentally a couple times.  Without realizing it, then, I moved the "electronic" page back to one that I'd already recorded, and just kept right on taking notes, resulting in a double-exposed page or two.