Dangerous Generalizations

I read an article a couple weeks ago on ReadWriteWeb pondering, Are Indian Developers More Skilled Than Americans?, and I just couldn't help cringing the entire time I was reading the article.

This article was ridiculous on so many levels it's hard to count, but the two biggest problems I saw were (1) lumping all "American" and all "Indian" developers together and (2) assuming that "better at C" or "better at SQL" means squat when it comes to writing applications that meet the needs of users.

If you're in a position where an article like this might potentially influence hiring or management decisions, please be sure to apply your own "BS" meter to these ideas.   While you're at it, be sure to question whether someone listing a skill on a resume really means anything about what that person knows, and whether it's more important to know the latest framework or to have the grey matter to know if that framework makes sense for your business.  Oh, and by the way -- if someone lists every new technology you've ever heard of on their resume, you'd be wise to question how deeply he knows any of them.

Just sayin'.

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