2.Ohio was Great!

Thanks to Ben Blanquera and Angela Siefer for putting on a terrific event tonight.  Reid Hoffman and Judy Estrin had some really insightful thoughts on innovation and networking, and Michael Nelson walked us through the effect of government policies on IT.  Craig Newmark also dropped by to add to the celebrity guest list.

As a technology leader, I appreciate the value of Web 2.0 tools and social networking.  All things being equal, we should all be able to log onto LinkedIn and Twitter and conduct our Web 2.0 business without regard for our location.  Columbus, Ohio should be just as hoppin' as Silicon Valley, but it's not.

I've seen the tech energy in Silicon Valley, and to a lesser degree, in places like Austin, TX., and the fact is there's something real about the energy when tech leaders bump into one another on a regular basis.  Tech communities with this sort of energy help create the culture of innovation our speakers talked about tonight.  There's no question there are many extremely bright people in central Ohio, and I think it's really encouraging to see them starting to come together.

If you haven't checked out a Columbustech event, make it a priority to get there, and be sure to thank Ben and Angela for the great job they're doing.   Also, while you're here, add my RSS feed to your favorite reader, because Reid had some great thoughts I want to share later.

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  1. Great post. I'm with you regarding the fact that we need our tech leaders to meet more regularily. Wish I could have made it to 2Ohio.

    By the way, we're putting together and promoting Ignite Columbus, http://IgniteCbus.com. I invite all of your reader to check it out.

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