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One of the things I noticed shortly after switching this blog to WordPress was the terrific support for SEO optimization.  WordPress does a very good job of this itself, with good support for keywords, Meta tags, and so on, but there are also some really fantastic plugins for WordPress that kick it up a notch - I'm using one called All in One SEO Pack that I like a lot.

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I suspected that this was helping to boost my search rankings, but I just saw a pretty clear indication of the extent.  The post directly under this is all about the 2.Ohio event that was held last night here in Columbus.  As the event was drawing near, the organizers asked the community to tag any related posts with "2dotohio08", and I was happy to oblige.  Today, I noticed that tag among the "searched-for" terms that led someone here, so I googled "2dotohio08" and was really happy to see that post down there sitting right up near the top of the results.

I wish I could take personal credit for that search ranking, but an awful lot of it is due to great standards support from WordPress and the All in One SEO Pack.  If you run the search, you'll also see its entry on MyBlogLog, which seems to help a bit, too.  If you've got a web presence, you really need to pay attention to this stuff, because it's not difficult, and it matters!

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